Dr. Qi Wang

(Bsc, Msc, PhD)

Dr. Qi Wang obtained her PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from King’s College, University of London, UK, in 1997. She joined Guelph Food Research Center, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada as a postdoc fellow in 1998, and then as a research scientist in 1999. She is an Associate Graduate Faculty in the Department of Food Science, University of Guelph. Her long term research goal is to develop feed additives for replacement of conventional antibiotic growth promoters in food animal production. Her current research focuses on the development of encapsulation techniques for protection and target delivery of bioactive compounds, such as bacteriophage, probiotics and phytochemicals, to poultry and other livestock to enhance the bioactivity. The research involves formulation design, in vitro testing in simulated gastrointestinal conditions and in vivo evaluation in animal trials of developed products.

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