Dr. Csaba Varga

Under the new Health of Animals Act and Regulations, Dr. Varga is responsible for the prevention, preparedness, early detection and response pertaining to all poultry diseases. He is also involved in emergency preparedness and biosecurity projects. Dr. Varga is the supervisor of the Ontario Hatchery and Supply Flock Program. Brief information of the program is below:

“The main objective of the Ontario Hatchery and Supply Flock policy is to assist in ensuring that Ontario hatchery supply flocks continue to serve as a reliable source of poultry hatching eggs and Ontario hatcheries maintain high standards of sanitation and disease prevention. This policy was developed jointly by industry, provincial and federal governments in order to establish standards for the valuation of poultry breeding flocks and hatchery products. The Ontario Hatchery and Supply Flock Policy is supervised by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The policy provides monitoring and testing of Ontario poultry breeding flocks to establish flock status for Salmonella Pullorum / typhoid under the regulations of the Federal Health of Animals Act.

In Ontario, breeder supply flocks are also monitored for detection of Salmonella spp.  by collecting environmental samples from poultry houses at certain age(s).” He is also involved in the Joint Government-Industry Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) Working Group. The aim of this group is to identify and prioritize coordinated national goals to control SE in food-producing animals (with a focus on poultry) in order to reduce the risk and burden of SE in humans. Dr. Varga is representing OMAFRA on the Feather Board Command Centre Advisory Group that aims to develop a system of emergency preparedness and mitigation of poultry diseases. In 2012 he was elected vice-president of the Ontario Association of Poultry Practitioners. Publications

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