Research Portal

This portal provides ample information about the research work carried out in the laboratory of our PHRN's research investigators. Each research piece below summarizes their work focused in one of their projects and would also allow to access links to their research publications for more detailed information. We have now initiated this portal and many more research stories to follow soon.

Research Stories/ Highlights

Spectrum lighting for layers: translating basic research into practical applications (Dr. Bedecarrats Lab)

Birds possess retinal photoreceptors responsible for vision, and non-visual photoreceptors (extra-retinal) responsible for detecting photoperiod and synchronizing their physiology to the environment. These photoreceptors are located in three main organs: the retina of the eye, the pineal gland and the hypothalamus. As the majority of commercial poultry operations rely on controlled environments in which artificial […]

Coccidiosis: Management and Control (Dr. J. Barta laboratory)

Dr. John Barta’s laboratory at the University of Guelph is actively engaged in Coccidiosis research. Below are the links highlighting important research projects that help educate and understand about this economically important poultry disease.       Managing coccidiosis in poultry flock Cost of Coccidiosis Fostering proactive coccidiosis control management in the poultry industry…   […]

Keel Bone Damage: Research to address the issue (Dr. A. Harlander Lab)

Within the laying hen industry, there are various animal welfare concerns associated with the contemporary production systems used for these egg-layers. Keel bone damage (KBD) is one such critical issue that extends to all housing systems, genetic lines, and management styles whereby pain, compromised welfare, and reduced productivity are likely outcomes. It is assumed that […]

Bionanotechnology: Solutions for Poultry Health and Food Safety (Dr. S. Neethirajan Lab)

Dr. Suresh Neethirajan, a University of Guelph researcher and director of the BioNanoLab focuses his research on developing tools and techniques for poultry health and food safety applications through the fundamental and applied understanding of physico-chemical properties of bacterial biofilms and development of bio-sensing techniques. Suresh group’s pioneering research on investigation of pathogenic bacterial biofilms […]