Bionanotechnology: Solutions for Poultry Health and Food Safety (Dr. S. Neethirajan Lab)

Suresh NeethirajanDr. Suresh Neethirajan, a University of Guelph researcher and director of the BioNanoLab focuses his research on developing tools and techniques for poultry health and food safety applications through the fundamental and applied understanding of physico-chemical properties of bacterial biofilms and development of bio-sensing techniques. Suresh group’s pioneering research on investigation of pathogenic bacterial biofilms using micro-nanotechnology has led to the development of precise antimicrobial susceptibility profiles for veterinary medicine applications, rapid high throughput drug screening platforms, and novel smart surfaces for prevention of biofouling for food industries. The bionanolab has developed biosensors for on-farm detection of avian influenza virus rapidly and has patented on-farm field deployable detection of ketosis for veterinary health applications. An array of diagnostic platforms and biosensors using bionanotechnology are currently under development and validation stage in the bionanolab, that will enable poultry producers, farmers, veterinarians and food safety inspectors to perform reactive to proactive early diagnosis through rapid, field deployable and on-site testing of avian flu viruses and bacterial pathogens. The research projects of the bionanolab strive to provide a framework towards the delivery of improved poultry health and food safety management solutions.

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