Cranberries may boost broiler chicken immunity (Dr. M Diarra laboratory)

Moussa Diarra

Dr. Moussa S. Diarra is a research scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) Guelph Research and Development Centre. His research is focused on antibiotic resistance and alternatives to antibiotics as well as bacterial pathogenesis and the interactions between pathogens and their hosts. He is the leader of the poultry node of an AAFC’s national study on assessing antimicrobial agents use and emerging bio-contaminants in Canadian Agriculture and Agri-food systems.



Dr Diarra is currently conducting trials to examine the effects of cranberry fruit extracts on the immunity of broiler birds during their first 14 days of life, a critical period when “they need something to build up their immunity” against infectious disease. The results have shown that cranberry extracts could decrease mortality by 50% in the early life of broiler birds, when treated with 40 mg of cranberry extracts per 1 kg of feed.

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