Dr. Kayla Price

sm_price-brdr1(BSc, PhD)

Dr. Kayla Price is currently the Poultry Technical Manager for Alltech Canada.  She obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Guelph studying under the supervision of Dr. John Barta.  The focus of her Ph.D. was chicken Eimeria species and the environmental influence on live Eimeria vaccine success in commercial poultry rearing, specifically looking at practical ways to enhance success in pullets reared on wire floors.  Additionally, her research program expanded to better understand the dynamics of coccidial populations in the chicken and the barn.  She has a keen interest in poultry intestinal health and continues to pursue this throughout her career.  She believes a thriving industry requires constant scientific innovation to drive success; thus the link between academia and industry is critical, especially in matters of poultry health.

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