Guest Lecture by Dr. Yasuo Suda (Kagoshima Univ, Japan)

PHRN Seminar series


Dr. Yasuo Suda

Dept of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Kagoshima University & SUDx-Biotec Co. JAPAN.


Sugar chain based nano-biotechnology for the detection of viruses


October 19, 2015 | Monday | 11am-12 pm


Rm 1812, Pathobiology-AHL Bldg (#89); Map

Refreshments will be provided

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please contact Dr Ravi Kulkarni ( or 519.824.4120 ext.54759)


YSudaDr. Yasuo Suda is a distinguished scientist with research interests and expertise in Glycobiochemistry and Nano-biotechnology. Using a novel sugar-chain-immobilized chip (named Sugar Chip, SC) and gold nano-particles (SGNP), Dr. Suda’s laboratory has developed a highly sensitive and conventional nano-biotechnology method to detect viruses. His work involves evaluating sugar chain-binding potency of virus using SC and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) imaging. Using virus bound heparin-immobilized gold nano-particles, Suda lab has established a novel diagnostic method for a highly sensitive detection of viruses in combination with a real time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). Using this technology, his lab has been able to detect viruses in saliva or in a trace amount of blood from patients. Results for influenza and dengue viruses along with potential diagnostic and research applications will be discussed.


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