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sm_prescott-brdrProf. John Prescott, Pathobiology, was interviewed by the Toronto Sun on Oct. 28 to speak about leptospirosis — a bacterial infection commonly found in the urine of raccoons and skunks. Prescott has studied the infection, which can infect dogs, and advised that vaccinating dogs may be a wise move to protect against illnesses and high treatment costs. Prescott studies bacterial disease in animals and effective antimicrobial drug use.


sm_sylvain-brdrProf. Sylvain Charlebois, Marketing and Consumer Studies, was interviewed by CBC News BC on Oct. 29, wrote an op-ed column for the Globe and Mail on Oct. 28, and was interviewed by CTV News Channel, and on Oct. 26. In the op-ed, Charlebois wrote about potential threat to Canada’s meat industry. In the CBC BC interview, he discussed the rising price of vegetables. In the CTV and interviews, he spoke about the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent warning that eating processed meat is unhealthy and could lead to cancer. In the Global News story, he discussed a survey the Food Institute at U of Guelph conducted in which a number of participants said they are cutting back on eating beef, primarily because of cost. In addition, Charlebois will be interviewed about the WHO announcement on a number of CBC Radio stations on Oct. 27, including in Ottawa, Regina, Edmonton and Vancouver. Charlebois studies food distribution and the economics of food retailers.



Prof. Patricia Turner, Pathobiology, was interviewed by the Toronto Sun on Oct. 22 for a story on animal euthanasia and dealing with wildlife.  Turner discussed accepted methods for animal euthanasia, and said proper training and equipment for animals should be provided to law enforcement officials. She studies animal welfare and animal euthanasia.


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