Best Poster Awards for Bionano Students

Bionanolab undergraduate students have won major research prizes at the 2016 annual CPES Undergraduate poster session held at the Science Complex of the University of Guelph on Friday, August 5.  Over 40 posters were presented by the summer students who worked on various research projects from the 5 departments of the College of Physical & […]

Poultry Welfare Research at University of Guelph

A Day in the Life of Patrick Birkl, PhD Student Patrick is a PhD student in the Department of Animal Biosciences who studies animal welfare, specifically poultry welfare, with his advisor Prof. Alexandra Harlander who is also a PHRN member. Patrick’s research focuses on understanding the causes of feather pecking in laying hens and how […]

Poultry Welfare Center receives funding

The University of Guelph’s Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare (CCSAW) has received a $125,000 donation for studies of turkey welfare. The donation from Hybrid Turkeys, a leading supplier of the world’s turkey genetics, will support research to learn how animals perceive and respond to their environments and handling techniques. A poultry welfare […]

PHRN Prof Tina Widowski in the news

The cage-free egg trend: Is it just a shell game? Source: Read here Excerpt from the news article: “There’s a downside to taking birds out of their cages,” says Tina Widowski, the Egg Farmers of Canada research chair in poultry welfare at the University of Guelph, “in that they’re free, but they’re also free to get […]

PHRN Research Day in the NEWS

Collaboration a key theme of poultry research day Posted: April 4, 2016 OVC Bulletin AG ANNEX and Connections and collaboration were a key theme during the Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN) Research Day at the University of Guelph last week. The research day brought together representatives from government, industry and academia to provide updates […]

PHRN Research Day (March 29, 2016) Photo-Gallery Connections and collaboration were a key theme during the Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN) Research Day at the University of Guelph last week. The research day brought together representatives from government, industry and academia to provide updates on current research and prompt discussion for future collaborations. During the […]

PHRN Prof. Tina Widowski talks about cage-free eggs…

Prof. Tina Widowski, Animal Biosciences, was quoted in a Feb. 5th  Toronto Star Story . The article focussed on a recent decision by two major restaurant chains to use only eggs from cage-free hens. Widowski discussed the various ways eggs are sourced in Canada and associated animal welfare issues.  She is the director of U […]

PHRN Prof Neethirajan speaks at the Royal Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Science

Dr. Suresh Neethirajan, Director of the BioNano Lab and an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering was an invited speaker at the prestigious Royal Canadian Institute (RCI) for the Advancement of Science on February 4, 2016 at the Noel Ryan Auditorium, Mississauga. RCI is Canada’s oldest continuously functioning scientific society founded by Sir Sandford […]

Dr. Sharif Lab Aims to Make Chickens Healthier to Improve Food Safety

The chicken eggs in Prof. Shayan Sharif’s lab look like ordinary eggs, but they’re not. Some of them have been vaccinated against diseases that can cause illness in humans and have cost the poultry industry hundreds of millions of dollars. Dr. Sharif is the leader of Poultry Health Research Network. “We are developing better ways […]

PHRN prof makes headlines in NY Times and Economic Times of India

Prof. Sylvain Charlebois, Marketing and Consumer Studies, was featured in the New York Times and the Economic Times of India Jan. 21, discussing the falling Canadian dollar and the effect on food processing, distribution and prices. He spoke on the same subject with Global TV Jan. 15 and Canada AM Jan. 14.   News source

Cranberry Extracts Could Replace Antibiotics For Broilers

  Broiler chicken producers may be using cranberry extracts to replace antibiotics in young birds. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research suggest the extracts could cut mortality by 50 per cent in the early life of broilers. Doctor Moussa Dairra points out cranberries have various human health benefits because of their high antioxidant compounds and immune-boosting […]

PHRN researcher Dr Nemeth’s work featured

Research Aims to Curb Spread of Dangerous Powassan Virus U of G researcher Nicole Nemeth is studying the transmission and spread of the tick-borne virus Monday, December 7, 2015 — Feature by Teresa Pitman Read full article

PHRN Profs make Headlines

Prof. John Prescott, Pathobiology, was interviewed by the Toronto Sun on Oct. 28 to speak about leptospirosis — a bacterial infection commonly found in the urine of raccoons and skunks. Prescott has studied the infection, which can infect dogs, and advised that vaccinating dogs may be a wise move to protect against illnesses and high […]

Guest Lecture by Dr. Yasuo Suda (Kagoshima Univ, Japan)

PHRN Seminar series GUEST SPEAKER Dr. Yasuo Suda Dept of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering Kagoshima University & SUDx-Biotec Co. JAPAN. TOPIC Sugar chain based nano-biotechnology for the detection of viruses DATE/TIME October 19, 2015 | Monday | 11am-12 pm VENUE Rm 1812, Pathobiology-AHL Bldg (#89); Map Refreshments will be provided For more information, please […]

Prof. Shai Barbut’s e-Book published

  Dr. Shai Barbut, Professor and Faculty Advisor at the Food Science department published recently an e-book titled “The Science of Poultry and Meat Processing” available for free download.       The book provides students and industry personnel with a comprehensive overview of the modernized meat industry. Click here for more info. Dr. Barbut’s […]

Stopping the spread of avian influenza in its tracks

Prof. Shayan Sharif (center) is developing vaccination methods to stunt avian influenza outbreaks. He is pictured here with his group. PHRN Leader, Dr Sharif talks about his lab research in this news article; click the link below. Read more

PHRN launches Seminar series

We have now taken a new initiative to start ‘PHRN seminar series’ to communicate, discuss and expand poultry research endeavors. These seminars would be held once a month typically on Tuesdays during the lunch hour (12.30-1.30). We would provide refreshments (Coffee/Tea + Cookies/TimBits) and please bring your own lunches, as convenient.      The seminar format […]