LRIC (Livestock Research Innovation Corporation) is looking to form a poultry research special interest group and is calling for expressions of interest from people who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about and have experience and expertise in poultry
Who do we want to hear from?
• Producers and service providers who have had past experience in poultry research (or who really love reading about it), are particularly encouraged to become involved. Perhaps you’ve been involved or
are still involved in your own organization or through industry bodies such as the Poultry Industry Council or the Canadian Poultry Research Council,
• Academics, currently working on poultry research or who have been involved in poultry research at some point and
• Current and past government officers who have been involved in industry.
The aim of the group is to meet from time to time to discuss; emerging industry trends, research responses to emerging issues, hear about poultry research from around the world and across Canada and other poultry research related topics.
The group will be facilitated by LRIC and LRIC will also cover the costs of hosting the group meetings (not per diems or travel expenses). Individuals from within the group with the requisite expertise may be asked to look at research proposals from time to time to review them for currency
and industry applicability. Once established the group will decide on a broad terms of reference on
what it wants to do and how it wants to operate. Interested in hearing more? Send LRIC an email
to and we’ll send you more details
Talk to you soon!

News Source Aug 24, 2015


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