Success at the 104th Poultry Science Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky

APS newsexcellence award


Animal and Poultry Science students’ (University of Guelph) excellent performance at the PSA meeting.

Following Graduate Students (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alexandra Harlander) gave excellent presentations at the 104th Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky July 27-30, 2015.

Madison Kozak (MSc by thesis) – ‘Chick locomotion in a multilayer environment’

Chantal LeBlanc (MSc by thesis)- ‘Locomotion skills of chicks over an inclined walkway’ and

Patrick Birkl (PhD) – ‘Availability of aromatic amino acids in the blood plasma differs between lines of laying hens selected for low mortality or production traits’

Dr. Harlander laboratory received overwhelming positive feedback from colleagues and industry.

Special congratulations to Chantal for obtaining a “Certificate of Excellence” for her
oral presentation ‘Locomotion skills of chicks over an inclined walkway’.


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