Dr. Michele Guerin

Guerin(DVM, MSc, PhD)

After an 8-year period working in clinical practice, Dr. Guerin investigated possible career options in food safety, zoonoses, public health, and outbreak investigations, which led to her MSc in epidemiology followed by a PhD in the same area of study. Her MSc research focused on temporal links of Salmonella serotypes in human and animal populations, and her PhD research focused on Campylobacter epidemiology in broiler chickens in Iceland. Dr. Guerin's PhD work sparked an interest in poultry, which led to her current faculty position as poultry epidemiologist at the University of Guelph. Her main research interest is the management of infectious diseases in poultry, one component of which involves the public health aspects of poultry production. Currently, Michele has five PhD students and one MSc student. Dr. Guerin collaborates with various organizations, such as the Chicken Farmers of Ontario, Egg Farmers of Ontario, Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg & Chick Commission, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, the Poultry Industry Council, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Animal Health Laboratory, as well as faculty in several departments at the University of Guelph (Pathobiology, Animal & Poultry Science, Mathematics & Statistics) and at the University of Montreal.

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