Dr. Joshua Gong

MSc, PhD

Dr. Gong is a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Guelph.  He completed his BSc and MSc studies in China and received his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Guelph.  He pursued his postdoctoral training in rumen bacterial ecology at the Centre for Food and Animal research, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa, and in receptor-mediated signal transduction and drug addiction-associated DNA polymorphism at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in Cincinnati.  His current research is in the area of intestinal microbiology to improve gut health, aiming for mitigating the use of dietary antibiotics and food-borne pathogens in food animal production.  Dr. Gong has two major research activities in poultry: 1) control of necrotic enteritis (NE); 2) control of Salmonella infection in broilers.  His research team has studied the responses of gut microbiota and chicken host to the infection of Clostridium perfringens, a pathogen causing NE disease, and its pathogenicity, in addition to the development of control strategies and technology.  His research on Salmonella control is focused on the development of probiotics and mechanistic studies of probiotic effects.  Dr. Gong’s research has been supported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Poultry Research Council, Poultry Industry Council, and Ontario Ministry of Food and Agriculture.  Currently, there are 2 post-doctoral fellows, 4 PhD students, 1 visiting scientist, and 1 indeterminate technician in his laboratory.  His previous trainees are in various fields, from academies to industries.  Dr. Gong has extensive collaboration with University of Guelph.  He also collaborates with several universities in China and with Nutreco Canada.

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