Funding opp-2016 SPARK Program: Microbiome Competition


With the SPARK program, Ontario Genomics seeks to provide investigators with catalytic funding to enable them to initiate novel, high-impact, and innovative early-stage projects in the genomic sciences. The focus of this year’s competition is microbiomes.

The intent of the SPARK 2016 competition is to catalyze new research directions and support innovative genomics-based projects that have the potential to advance microbiome research, and improve our knowledge and understanding of this important field.  To maximize the potential benefits for Ontario and increase the competitiveness of Ontario research and its life sciences sector, the SPARK 2016: Microbiome competition will be open to research projects involving human, plant, livestock and the environment including soil and water. Successful proposal(s) will enhance our understanding of how microbial communities contribute to health and disease in humans, plants and livestock and also how these communities can influence their environment. The outcomes should generate knowledge which, in the long-term, could be transferred to those who have the ability to translate and use it, ultimately resulting in useful applications in areas such as health care, food production, and environmental remediation.

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