Sharif Lab

Areas of Interest

  • Immune response to Marek’s disease virus in chickens
  • Immunology of avian influenza virus infection in chickens
  • Interactions between commensal bacteria in the intestine and the chicken immune system

The primary focus of Dr. Sharif's research group is to understand how the chicken immune system recognizes and responds to viral pathogens. His research group's focus is to elucidate the mechanisms involved in initiation and regulation of T cell response. To achieve this objective, they are utilizing new technology, including microarrays, mass spectrometry, tetramers, and real-time PCR to dissect the molecular mechanisms of immunity to viral pathogens.

Another area of research in Dr. Sharif's laboratory investigates the effects of intestinal microbiota manipulations, via antibiotics and probiotics, on control of enteric pathogens and development of immune system.

Selected Publications


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