Prescott Lab

Research Interests

Research interests in my laboratory and in those of the colleagues with whom we are connected are focused on understanding and trying to control selected bacterial infections of animals.

We are especially interested in type A Clostridium perfringens as the cause of enteric disease in animals. A major focus is necrotic enteritis in broilers. There is a need for an effective way to control this infection and, as society increasingly frowns on the use of antimicrobial drugs because of resistance issues, we have focused on understanding immunity to this infection. We have defined some of the important immunogens in this infection, and shown that immunization with them enhances immunity in broilers. We have worked on Salmonella vaccine vectors as vectors for C. perfringens antigens. Other work on C. perfringens in necrotic enteritis has been characterization of plasmids associated with disease and the use of comparative genomic hybridization to understand better the strains involved.

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