Dr. Nicolae Corcionivoschi

Professor Nicolae Corcionivoschi is the Principal Scientific Officer and Head of Food Microbiology Unit at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Belfast, UK and is also head of the UK Reference Laboratory for Milk and Milk Products. He has studied at Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, King Michael I of Romania and went on to study for his PhD in Microbiology at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include bacterial virulence, isolation and testing of novel pre and probiotics, development of novel technologies for a more efficient detection of foodborne pathogens. His laboratory is performing advanced research in developing methodologies for quantification of Campylobacter and other pathogens in poultry based on virulence of individual species and also identification of novel genes involved in the pathogenesis of this microorganism. His group also is trying to understand the composition of the chicken gut microbiota and how this relates to the presence of bacteria posing a threat to human health and especially in finding ways to manipulate the gut microbiota to reduce their presence.


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