Dr. Arshud Dar

Arshud  Dar joined VIDO-InterVac as a Research Scientist in 2002.  He completed his doctoral degree in veterinary virology from the University of Minnesota, USA.  Professionally, Dr. Dr. Dar is a veterinarian and has worked as a researcher in number of leading national and international veterinary research institutions including the Institute of Biotechnology, George August University, Gottingen, Germany; Virology and Immunology division of German Primate Center, Gottingen, Germany; and The Diagnostics Research division of Federal Research Institute for viral diseases of animals, Tubingen, Germany. His main research interests include investigations into the molecular basis of pathogenesis and immune modulation by avian viral and bacterial pathogens and new generation adjuvants and immune modulators. He is keenly interested in development /improvement of poultry vaccines including the development of single shot in ovo vaccines for multiple poultry infections in broilers.

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