CpG-ODNs induced changes in cytokine/chemokines genes expression associated with suppression of infectious bronchitis virus replication in chicken lungs

Dar A, Tikoo S, Potter A, Babiuk LA, Townsend H, Gerdts V, Mutwiri G

The process of virus replication in host cells is greatly influenced by the set of cytokines, chemokines and antiviral substances activated as a result of host-virus interaction. Alteration of cytokines profiles through manipulation of the innate immune system by innate immune stimulants may be helpful in inhibiting virus replication in otherwise permissive cells. The aim of present studies was to characterize innate immune responses capable of inhibiting infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) replication in chicken lungs after in ovo administration of CpG ODN. In our experiments, CpG ODN 2007 or PBS solution was injected on 18th embryonic day (ED) via the chorioallontoic route. CpG ODN and PBS inoculated embryos were challenged with virulent IBV on the 19th ED. Lung tissue samples from experimental chicks were analysed for cytokines/chemokines gene expression at 24h, 48h, and 72h, post infection. Our data showed significant differential up-regulation of IFN-γ, IL-8 (CXCLi2) and MIP-1β genes and suppression of IL-6 gene expression being associated with inhibition of IBV replication in lungs tissue retrieved from embryos pre-treated with CpG ODN. It is expected that understanding of the innate immune modulation of target tissues by the virus and innate immune stimulants will be helpful in identification of valuable targets for development of novel, safe, effective and economical control strategies against IBV infection in chickens.

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