CFI invests in OVC research leaders

Ontario Veterinary College scientists are among 15 U of G researchers to share in $1.9 million invested by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to support established and up-and-coming research leaders.

Dr. Eva Nagy received $88,704 for a biocontainment facility.

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CFI funding will enhance research facilities

A recent grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) will enhance the ability of OVC scientists to develop new poultry vaccines using state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The $88,704 grant will support the purchase of biocontainment isolators for the Campus Animal Facility (CAF) Isolation Unit. These isolation units will enable researchers to safely develop new and more effective vaccines to protect poultry against infectious diseases that have a significant impact on the industry

“Gaining an in-depth understanding of the ways in which immunity is generated against pathogens in poultry can assist in developing rational and efficacious vaccines,” says Dr. Eva Nagy, a virologist in the Ontario Veterinary College’s Pathobiology department.

Dr. Nagy and Dr. Shayan Sharif, an immunologist  in the OVC’s Pathobiology Department and leader of the Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN), are researching immune responses to important poultry viruses and identifying targets for vaccine development. They also propose to develop and test novel vaccines and improve routes and delivery systems to administer vaccines.

Nagy and Sharif put together the CFI grant application with the assistance of Mary Fowler, CAF Manager, and Michael Brunt, CAF Project Manager. In addition to the CFI grant, Nagy and Sharif have applied for matching funding from the provincial Ministry of Research and Innovation

The biocontainment isolators also will enhance PHRN members’ research programs, individually and collaboratively.

“One of the PHRN’s main goals is to enhance ties between university researchers and industry, including vaccine producing companies,” says Sharif.

“We expect these facilities will assist us in developing projects with industry partners for vaccine development,” adds Nagy.

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