Dr. E. James Squires

(Bsc, Msc, PhD) Dr. Squires’ research program involves the use of biochemical and molecular biological techniques to study problems important to Animal and Poultry Science. The goal of the research is to improve the productivity, health and welfare of commercial animals, in particular swine and poultry.  Publications   WEBSITES: | Animal and Poultry Science | […]

Dr. Trevor K. Smith

(BSc, MSc, PhD, PAg) Dr. Smith is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He completed the B.Sc. degree in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia in 1970. The M.Sc. was completed in Animal Nutrition in the Department of Animal Science of the University of Manitoba in 1974. Ph.D. studies in Animal Nutrition were completed […]

Dr. Steven Leeson

Poultry Nutritionist Areas of interest Potential for manipulation of eggs and poultry meat as it impacts human health Projects Impact assessment of feeding high-oil corn to poultry in Brazil | Centre for Nutrition Modelling Profile |