Dr. Victoria Smyth

Dr. Victoria Smyth is presently a Senior Scientist at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Belfast, managing the Avian Virology Unit and the Cell Culture Group at the Veterinary Sciences Division of AFBI, previously known as the Stormont Laboratories. Dr. Smyth graduated from the Queen’s University of Belfast, UK, with a first class honours degree […]

PHRN researcher Dr Nemeth’s work featured

Research Aims to Curb Spread of Dangerous Powassan Virus U of G researcher Nicole Nemeth is studying the transmission and spread of the tick-borne virus Monday, December 7, 2015 — Feature by Teresa Pitman Read full article

Coccidiosis: Management and Control (Dr. J. Barta laboratory)

Dr. John Barta’s laboratory at the University of Guelph is actively engaged in Coccidiosis research. Below are the links highlighting important research projects that help educate and understand about this economically important poultry disease.       Managing coccidiosis in poultry flock Cost of Coccidiosis Fostering proactive coccidiosis control management in the poultry industry…   […]

Dr. E. James Squires

(Bsc, Msc, PhD) Dr. Squires’ research program involves the use of biochemical and molecular biological techniques to study problems important to Animal and Poultry Science. The goal of the research is to improve the productivity, health and welfare of commercial animals, in particular swine and poultry.  Publications   WEBSITES: | Animal and Poultry Science | […]

Dr. Leonardo Susta

After earning his veterinary degree, Dr. Susta spent the last 7 years working on high-consequence poultry diseases at the University of Georgia, where he earned his doctorate, and at the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (USDA-ARS), where he worked for two and a half years as research associate. Dr. Susta has worked extensively on molecular characterization […]

Dr. Deborah Stacey

Assistant Dean Research & Graduate Studies and Associate   WEBSITES: | College of Physical & Engineering Science |

Dr. Dale Smith

(DVM, DVSc) Dr. Dale Smith is a veterinarians and a Professor in the Department of Pathobiology. She works with a wide variety of non-domestic and wild species, in both clinical settings and as a pathologist, and some of her avian interests overlap with the field of poultry disease. Recent recent has included experimental investigations into […]

Dr. Shayan Sharif

(DVM, PhD) Dr. Shayan Sharif earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran. Dr. Sharif became interested in immunogenetics (especially poultry immunogenetics) while preparing his DVM thesis, which was entitled “Immunological aspects of Marek’s disease in chickens”. Following his graduation, Dr. Sharif practised for close to two […]

Dr. John Prescott

(MA, VetMB, PhD) Dr. Prescott obtained a VetMB as well as a PhD from the University of Cambridge in England. He has worked since then at the Ontario Veterinary College as a bacteriologist. He is currently researching Clostridium perfringens, the cause of necrotic enteritis in broilers. In an effort to understand immunity to this infection, important […]

Dr. Nicole Nemeth

(DVM, PhD) Dr. Nemeth obtained her DVM and PhD at Colorado State University, was a Research Fellow at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a Science Fellow at the United States Department of Agriculture. She also performed a residency in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology at the University of Georgia, after which she accepted a […]

Dr. Éva Nagy

(DVM, PhD, DSc) Dr. Nagy received her DVM, PhD, and DSc in Budapest, and was the first female veterinarian to be elected to the Hungary Academy of Sciences. Her first introduction to poultry health came from following her father, also a veterinarian, when he worked. Her first summer job consisted of vaccinating chickens against Newcastle disease. […]

Dr. Susantha Gomis

Gomis is a professor at the Department of Veterinary Pathology, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan and has been active in the area of poultry vaccine development and disease pathogenesis. He earned his BVSc at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sri Lanka, MVetSc and PhD degrees in veterinary diagnostic pathology and veterinary immunopathology […]

Dr. Rob Deardon

(BSc, MSc, PhD) Dr. Deardon obtained a B.Sc. (HONS) in Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Exeter, before completing an MSc in Medical Statistics at the University of Southampton, and his PhD in Applied Statistics at the University of Reading. Since he began his postdoctoral research associateship at the University of Cambridge in 2003, his […]

Dr. Arshud Dar

Arshud  Dar joined VIDO-InterVac as a Research Scientist in 2002.  He completed his doctoral degree in veterinary virology from the University of Minnesota, USA.  Professionally, Dr. Dr. Dar is a veterinarian and has worked as a researcher in number of leading national and international veterinary research institutions including the Institute of Biotechnology, George August University, […]

Dr. Faizal Careem

Dr. Careem completed his BVSc (Hons) degree at the Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka in 1991 and MVM degree from the University of Glasgow Veterinary School, UK in 1995. He obtained his PhD degree, in the field of host-viral interactions relevant to Marek’s disease virus infection, at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in 2008. […]

Dr. John Barta

Dr. Barta’s is a parasitologist whose main area of expertise is coccidiosis in chickens Dr Barta and his graduate students are interested in protozoan parasites of the phylum Apicomplexa. These parasites are cosmopolitan in their range of hosts infected and geographic distribution. Some are the causative agents of major diseases of humans (malaria in otherwise […]

Dr. Brenda Allan

Brenda Allan is a Research Scientist at VIDO-InterVac, and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Veterinary Pathology at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Dr. Allan completed her MSc in Microbiology at the University of Guelph and her PhD in Microbiology at Queen’s University, Kingston ON. Following completion of […]