USPOULTRY call for proposal

Board Research Initiative Request for Proposals Released – 9/14/15 Rapid Disposal of Poultry Carcasses following Depopulation Background Mass depopulation and disposal of large caged layer facilities present daunting challenges for both euthanasia and disposal. The recent avian influenza outbreak has shown that current disposal methods may be inadequate for rapid depopulation and disposal on large […]

Keel Bone Damage: Research to address the issue (Dr. A. Harlander Lab)

Within the laying hen industry, there are various animal welfare concerns associated with the contemporary production systems used for these egg-layers. Keel bone damage (KBD) is one such critical issue that extends to all housing systems, genetic lines, and management styles whereby pain, compromised welfare, and reduced productivity are likely outcomes. It is assumed that […]

Bionanotechnology: Solutions for Poultry Health and Food Safety (Dr. S. Neethirajan Lab)

Dr. Suresh Neethirajan, a University of Guelph researcher and director of the BioNanoLab focuses his research on developing tools and techniques for poultry health and food safety applications through the fundamental and applied understanding of physico-chemical properties of bacterial biofilms and development of bio-sensing techniques. Suresh group’s pioneering research on investigation of pathogenic bacterial biofilms […]


LRIC (Livestock Research Innovation Corporation) is looking to form a poultry research special interest group and is calling for expressions of interest from people who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about and have experience and expertise in poultry research. Who do we want to hear from? • Producers and service providers who have had past experience […]

PHRN researchers receive CFI funding

University of Guelph researchers working to fight human and avian diseases, develop new antimicrobials, and improve plant genetics have received nearly $600,000 in federal support. The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is funding five U of G research projects spanning three colleges. Ed Holder, minister of state (science and technology), made the announcement during an […]

Dr. Boerlin Lab searches for Clues to Antibacterial Resistance

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives by killing the bacteria that make people sick. But the bacteria are now fighting back, as more of them become resistant to those important medications. Molecular epidemiologist Prof. Patrick Boerlin is working with researchers in the United States and Alberta on several projects, studying antibiotic resistance in bacteria from […]

PHRN Prof Dr.Neethirajan Receives International Award

Tuesday, August 4, 2015      A University of Guelph engineering professor has been recognized with an international award for his contributions to nanotechnology in food safety, agriculture and animal health. Suresh Neethirajan received the Young Engineer of the Year Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The society includes more than 40 Universities […]

Success at the 104th Poultry Science Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky

  Animal and Poultry Science students’ (University of Guelph) excellent performance at the PSA meeting. Following Graduate Students (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alexandra Harlander) gave excellent presentations at the 104th Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky July 27-30, 2015. Madison Kozak (MSc by thesis) – ‘Chick locomotion in a multilayer environment’ Chantal LeBlanc (MSc by thesis)- ‘Locomotion skills […]

Poultry industry connects with Academic Researchers

Poultry industry representatives had an opportunity to connect with the researchers whose discoveries help their industry at a mid-July barbeque held at the University of Guelph. At the poultry industry barbeque: UofG President Dr. Franco Vaccarino; Dr. Davor Ojkic, Animal Health Laboratory; Ed Verkley, Chair, Poultry Industry Council; Dr. Shayan Sharif, Ontario Veterinary College’s Pathobiology […]

PIC Research Day Rescheduled

Click here for on-line registration. Fee $35 for members, $45 for non-members and at the door registration.   Students register for free. Tentative Agenda 9:00     Registration Opens 9:30     Opening Remarks  – Keith Robbins, Executive Director – PIC and Dr. Csaba Varga, Lead Veterinarian Poultry – OMAFRA 9:30     Overview of Canadian Research – Dr. Bruce Roberts, […]

Dr. Neethirajan recognized with National Award

A University of Guelph engineering professor has been recognized with a national award by Engineers Canada. Prof. Suresh Neethirajan received a 2015 Young Engineering Achievement Award as part of the awards the organization hands out each year. Neethirajan was recognized for reaching “global stature through his outstanding research and accomplishments in the area of biological […]

Dr. Neethirajan creates avian influenza prediction tool

With reports of avian influenza spreading across the US and Canada, researchers with the University of Guelph in Ontario have developed a simple and effective portable tool to predict avian flu outbreaks on farms. U of G researchers devised a real-time way to analyze chickens and other farm birds for avian flu. The tool uses a small […]

Dr. Shayan Sharif on Avian Influenza

Helen Branswell, The Canadian Press Published Monday, April 6, 2015 8:27PM EDT Last Updated Tuesday, April 7, 2015 7:11PM EDT TORONTO — Eight poultry farms in southwestern Ontario have been placed under quarantine as agricultural authorities scramble to contain an outbreak of a bird flu virus found on a turkey farm near Woodstock. The virus, […]

Avian influenza virus puts poultry in the news

The discovery of avian influenza virus (H5N2) on a turkey farm in southwestern Ontario has put the poultry industry on alert. To date, 29 farms have been placed under quarantine. Dr. Shayan Sharif, a professor at the Department of Pathobiology, Ontario Veterinary College and leader of the Poultry Health Research Network, discussed the recent avian […]

Poultry Health Pathologist Position Available

Abbotsford BC Salary $76,757.33 to $95,870.61 annually Be part of a team by providing diagnostics and leadership in an AAVLD accredited provincial veterinary diagnostic laboratory This position has responsibility to provide diagnostic service and support to the regulated and non-regulated poultry industries, private poultry veterinarians, and private veterinarians supporting urban and backyard poultry. The Poultry […]

New co-ordinator will further PHRN goals

A new co-ordinator for the Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN) will use his background and experience in academia and industry to further the PHRN’s objective of establishing a cross-disciplinary network of poultry researchers and health specialists. Dr. Ravi Kulkarni recently joined the Ontario Veterinary College’s Pathobiology department as PHRN coordinator. His research expertise and interests […]

Research Targets Poultry Viruses

Most birds are heading south now, but this bird researcher flew north to Guelph this fall. Pathobiology professor Leonardo Susta studies avian diseases that threaten economic and human health. Originally from Italy, he arrived at U of G in early October from Georgia, where he completed a doctorate and spent the past two years working […]

2014 PHRN Research Day

We are pleased to announce the 1st Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN) Research Day. The event will feature presentations by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The objective is to provide a forum for the participants to become more familiar with the ongoing research conducted by poultry researchers, This should also provide an opportunity for colleagues […]

Poultry Student Awards & Scholarships

Rimler Award: Ph.D or thesis‐requiring MS students (area of research focused on poultry health or avian disease) Winner presents research at the AVMA/AAAP Annual Meetng with expenses paid (up to $1500)! Reed Rumsey Award: DVM students, graduate student, resident, or intern conductng poultry research Winner receives $1000 & presents research at the AVMA/AAAP Annual Meetng […]

LED product for poultry

Episode 43 of the Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT) video series Game Changers in Agriculture profiles AgriLux, an LED product for poultry produced by Cambridge, Ontario based Thies Electrical Distributing Co. link | YouTube link POSTED: Jul 28, 2014

Research Network Aims to Keep Poultry and People Healthy

  Increasing poultry consumption – and the animal health challenges associated with it — have sparked the creation of a new research network at U of G dedicated to keeping poultry and consumers healthy. The Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN) is a multifaceted network of 38 experts who collaborate to solve basic and applied issues […]

DVD communicates scientific information to poultry producers in user-friendly format

Research into poultry disease and its management is vital – but the application and communication of that science is crucial to get that information into the hands of producers. A new self-guided DVD and smart phone accessible website is closing the link between academia, industry, government and poultry producers to help combat coccidiosis, a costly […]

U of G Maintains Poultry Breeds to Protect Heritage Genes

Pure strains donated by top Canadian poultry breeder Donald Shaver was a 12-year-old schoolboy during the Depression when he began feeding the world. Not that he would have described his plans then in such grand terms. It was something closer to his heart that prompted him to raise chickens in handmade hen houses in a […]

University of Guelph key player in nationwide poultry research cluster

A number of University of Guelph scientists are playing key roles in studies being conducted through a national Poultry Science Cluster, designed to help the poultry industry stay competitive and address consumer concerns about animal welfare and environmental preservation. Seven projects being led by researchers at the university’s Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), the Ontario Veterinary […]

Poultry research translates to vaccine development

  World Poultry – Gateway to the global poultry industry Article The road from research to application and development can be long, but Dr. Éva Nagy is nearing a milestone in her work in veterinary virology as she works with Mexico-based vaccine company, Avimex Animal Health, on poultry vaccine development. > go to World Poultry […]

Keel bone fracture research

Cracked: Keel Bone Fracture Research for the Improvement of Laying Hen Welfare Department of Animal and Poultry Science professor Alexandra Harlander and PhD candidate Teresa Casey talk about their animal welfare research. Their research focuses on keel bone fractures in laying hens associated with commercial aviary housing systems. OAC Communications Intern, Maggie McCormick, produced this […]

Myths and facts about the H5N1 avian influenza virus

Burnbrae Farms Eggs for Life Guest Blogger: Dr. Shayan Sharif is a professor of poultry immunology at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. His research is focused on understanding how the chicken immune system sees avian influenza viruses and how it responds to these viruses. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop […]

CFI invests in OVC research leaders

Ontario Veterinary College scientists are among 15 U of G researchers to share in $1.9 million invested by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to support established and up-and-coming research leaders. Dr. Eva Nagy received $88,704 for a biocontainment facility. Read the article: CFI funding will enhance research facilities A recent grant from the […]

Entercoccus cecorum: an emerging infection of chickens in North America

Emerging Infection About 4-5 years ago there was an increase in the number of chickens in Ontario that were affected by conditions such as arthritis and osteomyelitis (inflammation in the bone marrow). It was discovered that a bacterium called Enterococcus cecorum was the culprit. Such infections with E. cecorum were known from other places in […]

CPRC Scholarship Program

Arobust research program is key to the future of the poultry industry, and the Canadian industry is fortunate to have access to a wide range of research expertise that can help us meet new challenges and find solutions to the problems we face. However, maintaining that pool of expertise requires an injection of new scientists […]

Bedecarrats receives a teaching award

Congratulations to the 2013 winners of the Distinguished Professorial Award: Recipients of the annual Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards are selected from nominations made by colleagues and students, and recognizes excellence in contributions to the University. >> News-Sep-2013-Teaching Awards pdf file

Digital Education on Coccidiosis

Where you find any kind of poultry across the world, you will find the Eimeria parasites that cause coccidiosis. It’s a global “everyday” production problem that impacts both poultry gut health and performance, with significant economic ramifications. “The problem of coccidiosis and how to manage it depends on a large variety of factors,” notes Kayla […]

Using dietary thyroxine to induce molting in turkey hens

What is this research about?Molting in birds is characterized by the loss and regrowth of feathers. Molting has an effect on the reproductive system of the bird. Molting allows birds to maintain their reproductive health throughout their lives. In the poultry industry molting is used to get a second or third egg-laying cycle. This has […]

Immunological control of coccidiosis in poultry

Kayla Price and John R. Barta* *This study was conducted under the supervision of Professor John R. Barta, Department of Pathobiology, Ontario Veterinary College University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada Abstract Coccidiosis – caused by parasites of the genus Eimeria – is an infection known to damage poultry. Eimeria spp. follow a typical coccidian lifestyle […]

Blind Chickens Lay More Eggs, Prof Finds

A strain of chickens that are naturally blind produce more eggs than their sighted counterparts, a U of G animal scientist has found. As part of his research into how light influences reproduction in birds, Prof. Grégoy Bédécarrats discovered that a genetically blind strain of White Leghorn birds called Smoky Joes start reproduction earlier and […]

Eggs, Lightly Done

OAC prof explores how light affects reproduction in naturally blind chickens A strain of chickens that are naturally blind start reproduction earlier and produce more eggs per cycle than their sighted counterparts, a U of G researcher has found. Now he’s working to understand what influences the increased production in blind birds. Prof. Grégoy Bédécarrats, […]