Respecting Research Animals

Article from Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph Working with animals in scientific research is a necessity that many modern researchers cannot ignore. From behavior studies to the creation of animal models, the use of animals can penetrate a broad range of scientific disciplines. The work itself is often pleasurable for both researcher and participant but […]

Poultry Welfare Research at University of Guelph

A Day in the Life of Patrick Birkl, PhD Student Patrick is a PhD student in the Department of Animal Biosciences who studies animal welfare, specifically poultry welfare, with his advisor Prof. Alexandra Harlander who is also a PHRN member. Patrick’s research focuses on understanding the causes of feather pecking in laying hens and how […]

Keel Bone Damage: Research to address the issue (Dr. A. Harlander Lab)

Within the laying hen industry, there are various animal welfare concerns associated with the contemporary production systems used for these egg-layers. Keel bone damage (KBD) is one such critical issue that extends to all housing systems, genetic lines, and management styles whereby pain, compromised welfare, and reduced productivity are likely outcomes. It is assumed that […]

Success at the 104th Poultry Science Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky

  Animal and Poultry Science students’ (University of Guelph) excellent performance at the PSA meeting. Following Graduate Students (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alexandra Harlander) gave excellent presentations at the 104th Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky July 27-30, 2015. Madison Kozak (MSc by thesis) – ‘Chick locomotion in a multilayer environment’ Chantal LeBlanc (MSc by thesis)- ‘Locomotion skills […]

Keel bone fracture research

Cracked: Keel Bone Fracture Research for the Improvement of Laying Hen Welfare Department of Animal and Poultry Science professor Alexandra Harlander and PhD candidate Teresa Casey talk about their animal welfare research. Their research focuses on keel bone fractures in laying hens associated with commercial aviary housing systems. OAC Communications Intern, Maggie McCormick, produced this […]